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Jessica Zhang 
Cultural/Relational Therapist

Individual Focused Therapy with an Intersectional Lens

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Meet Jessica

Hi, I’m Jessica.  As a 1st generation Canadian with a Chinese/Jamaican Heritage I understand how all the intersections of our lives shape us as a person. My passion is identity and culture-focused therapy, helping my clients navigate difficult interpersonal dynamics and personal growth within a relationship, family, and cultural dynamics.

English is my native language.

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My Approach

My approach is warm and very casual, I value connection and being ourselves when we work together. I am open and non-judgemental, basing my sessions on exactly what my client needs at any moment. Sessions are solution-focused, resilience/strength-focused and individualized to fit with my clients, their lifestyle and resources. I explore from a multicultural, psychodynamic approach,  encouraging curiosity as to how our past relationship patterns shape how we behave or think today.  

Strength Based Therapy

Identity & Culture Focused

Relational Dynamics

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FREE 15-minute

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Once you do away with the idea of people as fixed, static entities, then you see that people can change, and there is hope. 

bell hooks

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